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Daniels is a loyal member of Leon's army, serving as his second in command, and is a minor antagonist in the Fallout: Nuka Break series. He is portrayed by veteran actor Howard McNair .


Virtually no information about Daniels' background has been revealed. Scarlett mentions that he was part of Leon's army when she was first captured, and berates him for standing idly by when Leon destroyed her town.

Nuka BreakEdit

As Leon's right hand man, Daniels is stuck with the task of informing Leon of the failure of his mercenaries. Leon berates him on his inability to heed his desire to offer significantly more caps than initially posted and dismisses him, telling him to inform the Legion that he is mounting a search party for Scarlett. After the destruction of Eastwood, Daniels is then told to lead a party to track Scarlett down, which he does.

Scarlett attacks him during her preparation and holds him at knife point, threatening to kill him if Leon doesn't let her go. Leon goads her into killing him, which she doesn't do. Later, during Scarlett's escape, he manages to get the drop on Larry but is surprised by Ben, who manages to attach a slave collar to his neck. Larry detonates the collar, blowing his head clean off.


Daniels is a human male of African descent with a shaved head and a heavy British accent. A pair of goggles are perpetually perched on his head, and he wears a white T-shirt, a black vest, gray pants, black combat boots, a brown leather belt, a single black glove, and a brown scarf. A dust mask hangs unused around his neck. His attire appears to be similar to the Merc Cruiser Outfit from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


Daniels is an ever-loyal servant of Leon, soft-spoken with a mean streak and a slightly dim demeanor. He follows orders without question, but demonstrates some morality when Leon appears to go too far in the destruction of Eastwood. After Scarlett's capture, he becomes short-tempered and shows cruel wit to Larry. He remains a loyal member of Leon's army until his death.


  • Fallout: Nuka Break Web Series


  • "Sir, isn't that too much?"
  • "I'll be honest: I didn't think you could actually track them."
  • "Shut up! You'd better be worth it. I've lost a whole lot of men on you!"
  • "I should've put you down the first time!"

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